5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

Have you ever visit Plaza de España? Not? Here You will get a bunch of reasons to go there!

Visit this well-known square and get your unique souvenirs from there!

Don’t forget to take a selfie with distinguished Cervantes!



5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

Plaza de España is the Spanish Square between Templo de Debod and just next to Gran Via. If you are coming from the Gran Via site You will see the first two beautiful fountains and then a statue. All the square is covered by small shops, market! That’s what I want to tell you about today!

Plaza de España is an important place in Madrid, you definitely need to go there to see the monument and its fountain. But besides of historical side, it has another reason to visit it!

What I can do there? Why I should go there?


  1. Great Monument
    Stone sculpture of Miguel de Cervantes and Bronze sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
  2. Fountains
    Just have a look at two beautiful fountains on the side near to Gran Via, its color is magical in the sunlight!
  3. Market
    The market has everything you could look for… Souvenirs, mugs with your name, clothes, Spanish jewelry, handmade bags, and even Morrocan ceramic and much more…
  4. Atmosphere
    This place is great when You want to calm down and enjoy a walk or just chill out while watching amazing Spanish products…
    Sometimes you can be lucky and see some live shows on the small stage in the back of the Monument.
  5. Must-see square
    One of the main squares, of course, it is! Because it is the Square of Spain! It is really popular you can not miss it!



5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

How can I get there?

By the metro – the name of the station will surprise you it is Plaza de España!

By walk – it is near to Templo de Debod and next to Gran Via.

Address Plaza de España, 28008 Madrid

5 reasons to visit Plaza de España!

Is there any greenfield to sit in?

Yes, you can sit on the green grass around it, also you can chill on the benches located all over the Plaza.

Is it really crowded? Yes and no. That means it is not empty but during autumn and winter for sure will be easier to move there.

Don’t forget to buy something more than fridge magnets!

See you at Plaza de España!

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