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We have prepared the “ Welcome to Madrid City ” several Madrid Guides and Maps etc. That is available you can read or download a totally FREE City guide and Free pack !!

Get settled and find all information that you need during your stay in Madrid. You can read or download these guides, simply click on the different boxes. A FREE Map of Madrid. Also, check out our blogs and get more information and interesting topics, parties, and nightlife in Ibiza.

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City Guide & Free Pack - Erasmus Madrid

City Guide Madrid

First of all, for many of you this is probably your first time coming to Madrid, We are here to give a information about Madrid City living-expenses cost you need to get settled before to arrive in Madrid. You can compare your monthly budget, visualize right now the lifestyle you can afford in Madrid, including all costs for living (rent, mobile phone, bills, food, transportation etc.) per person:

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• Bare necessities in Madrid’s city center for student life, 800 -1000 € Minimum level.
• 1100 – 1500 €: living a bit more comfortably, eating out with some weekend excursions
• 1600 – 2000 €: professional type living, traveling, and enjoy the Madrid city.
• 2000 – 4000 €: living comfortably, think about investing, charity and buying a home if you’re planning to stay for years, able to sustain a family,
• Over 4000 €: we can talk about a luxury lifestyle.

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