How to avoid Hangover Madrid?

How to avoid Hangover?

How to avoid Hangover Madrid?

Every time after-party, You are repeating these words: ‘I will not drink again…’ or ‘No more alcohol! Never again!’ ???? Everyone loves to party! But not everyone needs to have hangovers… Stay crazy and party a lot in the best clubs in Madrid City and get to know how to get rid of bad feeling on the next day :D!!!

Want to know how to deal with a hangover? Want to avoid a headache and feeling sick (or worse:P?)?

Here you can find some tips and hacks on how to be better on ‘the next day’. There are some ‘rules’ before, during, and after-party. You do not have to spend money on any medications, any special pills, or magic drinks… The thing that you have to do is follow these tips during your parties!

How to avoid Hangover Madrid?



  1. Eat something before starting the party, that should be a good meal. That means You need to fill in your stomach by some warm meal, a full dinner will be great! Fast food it’s not the best option, the meal should be kind of rich into vitamins and various food types, salad, potatoes and drink without gas would be perfect.
  2. Don’t mix the alcohol types. Try to keep drinking only vodka or only beers or vine. The thing is when You will mix beer with vodka or wine your stomach will get crazy… Try to avoid mixing and stay with the same type of alcohol for the whole night!
  3. Remember that Spanish tapas and lemon added to tequila shots are served on purpose! Do not skip them! Tapas are small and helpful, you can add something ‘tight to your stomach’ not only alcohol drinks! So yes TAPAS and LIMON are obligatory :D!
  4. Before going to sleep drink a GLASS OF WATER! It is the most important point on that list! By this glass of water, you will hydrate your body and prepare it to deal with the amount of ‘poison’ (alcohol) that you serve to yourself :P!
  5. Sleep at least 8 hours… If you can sleep better. You need to get rest.
  6. When you will wake up drink some warm tea and eat something quite small. Your stomach probably hates you and does not want anything more inside it… So be careful…

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I hope You will enjoy your party and the day after also…

Follow rules and you should feel a lot better than before 😀

See you at the bar!

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