MBA & Master Programs in Spain

Master’s (MBA) – (Posgrado), one to two years, 60–120 ECTS: Master’s programs last 1 to 2 years in Spain. After graduation, you will gain the professional title of Master.

A master’s degree usually lets you focus on theoretical knowledge as well as the application and development of skills that will help you become a specialist in your field of study. Master’s degrees in Spain tend to require a lot of research and individual work. Where better to develop your research and creativity skills than in Spain?

After getting your Master’s degree you are free to push forward and enter a doctoral program (third-cycle studies). To pursue your doctorate studies, you will often be required to provide proof of both your first and second cycle studies. MBA & Master Programs in Spain


Ph.D. – (Doctorado), three to five years, 60 ECTS: known as doctoral-level programs or PhDs, this degree normally lasts 3 to 5 years and it is accessible after graduating from a Master’s degree program. To get this degree you must submit and successfully defend a doctoral dissertation before a thesis committee and pass a doctoral examination. In Spain, only official courses offer access to a Ph.D. program.

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