Music freak Looking for concerts Check Sala Clamores Madrid

Music freak? Looking for concerts? Check Sala CLAMORES!

Music freak Looking for concerts Check Sala Clamores Madrid


You are wondering where to go listen to good live gigs? You are looking for some concerts? You do not have to look for it more! I will recommend your great Music Club! The name is Sala Clamores! It is in the Malsana district, near the Bilbao metro station.

Sala Clamores is a well-known place from great concerts, international concerts. The last days in this club was Tank and The Bangas from the USA! This particular band is playing funk, R&B music and they gave amazing energy and the audience was so satisfied with their concerts.

In general Sala, Clamores has only good musicians so even if you do not know the name of some artist but you have an opportunity to go there just buy the tickets before and go!

How to buy tickets? Do I need to buy it before?
You could and should buy tickets before the concerts! Normally the tickets are sold out few days or hours before so almost never there is a possibility to buy it there on the entrance. Tickets are available on this link –

Can I also go there for DJ Session for a normal party?

Of course, you can! Sala Clamores is also offering a party with DJ’s.  Usually, those parties are on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes some extra ‘fiestas’ – the calendar is available to see here

Is the place cheap or not?
Tickets for concerts start from 8euros, but to get a beer or glass of wine inside you need to pay at least 5euros so I would not say is a cheap place… But still, it is really worth to here concerts there or goes for the funky party!

What kind of place is that? What is the age range for people that coming there?

This is a place for fans of music definitely. You can see that audience is really putting attention while concerts, people are having a great time during the shows. The age range is 20-40 I would say. But everything depends on the particular concert or DJ party.

Check out this amazing place if you are a music lover! You need to go there at least to go there once!

See you at Sala Clamores next time!