About NIE (Foreign Number ID – Número de Identidad de Extranjero)

Now then you are (or you are about to be…) in Madrid, you have to know about the infamous NIE basically it is just the number than the Spanish government gives you when you are in Spain.

Even though it is not mandatory for all foreigners (but it is for noneuropeans who stay more than 6 months), it´s useful for most legal paperwork you do in Spain (mobile contracts, opening bank accounts, housing contracts, etc…)

This unique number will be the foreigner´s ID that will appear on all legal and important documents.

To get this NIE you have to bring the following documents to the foreigner’s office (you can check the locations in this link http://www.seat.mpr.gob.es/portal/delegaciones_gobierno/delegaciones/madrid/extranjeria.html ):

  • Passport and 2 copies or other ID documents.
  • Justification of NIE request (economic, professional, or social reasons).

Note: You can check the requirements needed for the legalization and translation of official foreign documents on the guide (http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/InformacionInteres/InformacionProcedimientos/Ciudadanosnocomunitarios/hoja098/index.html) of the Emigration and Immigration Secretary-General.

Keep reading my posts so you can get more advice…. Enjoy Madrid.