No more paper tickets in Metro!

No more paper tickets in Metro Madrid!


Travelling in Madrid? Want to buy a single ticket from Airport? Want to buy a 10-journey ticket?


But do not worry you don’t have to look for a special place to buy it, you can buy it in metro machines, the thing is that you need to pay 2,5 euro for this card. But is valid ‘forever’ you can use it whenever you want and also it is possible to give it to your friend etc because it is just a card, there is no name…

But let’s say what changed by this…

If you want to buy just one-way ticket you need to bye the card anyway, so it cost you the price of the ticket (1.3-1.7 euro depends on how many stations you need to pass) plus 2.5 euro for this card.

The second problem is if you forgot your card you cannot buy as before just a ticket, you are obliged to buy the ticket so card also – the same situation as above in point number 1…

You can charge your ticket for 10 journeys and multiply it. So if you are using metro and buses quite a lot you can buy 20 journey METROBUS ticket by one time ;)! So that is the plus!

You can exchange card with your friends, family, boyfriend etc… You can do it because there is no ‘card holder’ on it. Also if you are traveling by a group you can click it one by one while passing the metro gates.

You can save your Metro Card as a souvenir from Madrid and maybe that will make you come back here sooner then you plan to!

Where can I buy the card?

You can buy the card at every metro station in Madrid between 6.00a.m. until 1.30 a.m. also Metro Staff can help You! Metro Staff is working during the almost whole day. But don’t worry that’s really easy, simple as buying a single ticket but you will be charged 2.5 euro more for this card…

No more paper tickets in Metro Madrid

No more paper tickets in Metro Madrid

The biggest minus of it is if you just need 1 or really few journeys so you need to spend this extra 2.5 euro for ‘nothing’ but in the other hand you have a nice card as a souvenir or you can give it to someone who needs it! Be nice and just do it ;)))!

The biggest plus is that you can use it by pairs, groups and there is no name of card holder so you can exchange if it’s needed. Also buying an amount of multiple 10-journey tickets a big plus, it was obviously not possible with paper tickets!

Hope you know now what to do!

See you in the waggon!

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