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Spanish nightlife and Madrid’s tasteful tapas and Cocktails. The laid back Madrileno lifestyle. you with a lasting feeling for Madrid and its people, and an appetite for its fabulous food and drink!
It’s the perfect way to discover local insights while sampling traditional food and drink in great place.
Inclan Brutal Bar shares with its people an authentic tapas club where the chef’s creativity and respect for the product are above perfect mathematics. Dare to discover what bohemian mirrors hide, and let yourself be delighted by our menu.
★★ Offer Happy Hours Cocktails 16.00-18.00pm ★★
🔥 2 drinks for 1 price, Order the First cocktail Second is Invitation (Free)!
InClan Bar & Restaurant
Address: Calle de Alvarez Gato 4 28012 Madrid, Spain. Metro Sol
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More info WhatsApp: +34 656 238 858