Salamanca Student city

Salamanca trip

Salamanca Student city

Have you ever heard of this city? Why Should You go there? What is interesting to see there?

Salamanca is a small medieval city known for its university. At the beginning of the 12th century, Alfonso IX of Leon ordered the building of the University of Salamanca, from this moment city became one of the most prestigious cities in Spain. Salamanca has known in Spain as “Golden City” it’s because the grey color of the stones changes into a golden one thanks to sunlight! To believe You need to see it by yourself!

That’s what makes Salamanca one of the most beautiful Spanish cities, it is also a great spot for nightlife because of its unique student atmosphere. It’s the best place to learn Spanish. Students want to study there because people speak there purest Spanish.

Beside University, there are many monuments to see. Below we will present some of the must-sees!


The Plaza Mayor

Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor was constructed between 1729 and 1755. Its Baroque style architecture of the 18th century has magical charm… You will fall in love with this Square, it’s a great place for shopping also. You can find there not only souvenirs but also unique gifts.


Casa de las Conchas

The Casa de las Conchas is a historical building in Salamanca. Currently, there’s a public library. It’s a special building, you will realize it from the first look. Casa de las Conchas literally translated is House of Shells. This house was built by Rodrigo Arias de Maldonado, a knight of the Order of Santiago de Compostela. The façade is mixing Gothic and Plateresque style, decorated with 300 shells which are the symbol of the pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.


The Old and New Cathedral

Both of them are just next to each other. Its construction last 3 centuries, began on the 15th and lasted until the 18th. It’s enormous and definitely worth to see it! Just come and see this golden color! It’s shining like gold!


The Roman Bridge of Salamanca

It’s also known as Puente Mayor del Tormes is a Roman bridge crossing the Tormes River. From this point, you have a beautiful view of the Cathedral, when you cross it You can take a ‘postcard’ shoot! Your picture will be more than amazing! Enjoy this view and chill before heading back to busy Madrid…

If You want to visit Salamanca by yourself to meet some international company or want to go there with your Erasmus or Spanish friends don’t wait too long and let’s go to Salamanca.

See You Soon!