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Spain, a favorite for travelers and students, is the ideal setting for an internship abroad! Complete with charming towns and major cities, breathtaking historical sites, modern cultural centers, delicious paella, and celebrated customs, internships in Spain will show interns the nation is much more than flamenco, fiestas, and football. Your heart will pump in Pamplona with the running of the bulls, or relax on Spain’s many Mediterranean beaches. Spain has everything to make your international experience a life-changing endeavor!

Do you want to develop your professional skills and boost your career prospects while living in Spain and being immersed in its culture and traditions? If so, you can become one of the thousands of expatriates who take up internships in the country every year. Be sure to do your research about available opportunities, internship terms and conditions, local labor markets, and the cost of living.

Remuneration for interns varies widely across the country, and there are paid and unpaid opportunities. It is advisable to draw up a budget to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your time in the country. While the cost of living is lower than many other European countries, bills for food, rent, transportation, and additional living costs soon add up.

Types of internships in Spain

Internships in Spain are known as “practicas” or “becarios”. Many university courses include a work placement module to allow students to gain the necessary experience before joining the labor market.

There are two principal types of internships in Spain: student internships and graduate internships.

Student internship

Firstly, these form part of a degree program and are regulated by an agreement between the university and the company offering the internship. The student is not considered to be an employee, and therefore will not be remunerated. However, the company may offer some form of compensation to the student trainee, and in case of accidents, individuals are covered by student social security.

Graduate internship

Secondly, graduate internship schemes are not as tightly regulated, and therefore individuals can apply to the company of their choice. This is a good way of getting some work experience following graduation. Internships are not remunerated, but trainees may be eligible for a scholarship. Additionally, trainees may also receive a Contrato de Practicas, which is a probationary contract at the discretion of their employer. With this, they will be remunerated and will contribute to the social security system. Note that this type of internship must have a duration of six months to two years.

How to find an internship in Spain

You can search for your dream internship in several ways. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Search the companies in your area of interest and approach them directly. Send them a spontaneous application explaining what you can offer and why you want an internship with them.
Go to as many networking events as possible and spread the word that you are looking for internship opportunities.
If you are currently studying, look for schemes your university has to offer.

Search for placements and internships. Erasmus is a non-profit international student organization.
Conduct searches of agencies and associations such as Primer Empleo and Internship Makers.
You may even find opportunities on LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.
You can also seek the assistance of a hiring or internship agency such as the Fundación Universidad/Empresa (FUE). here


Things an intern in Spain should know

Most internships in Spain are unpaid or offer very low payment of only a few hundred euros per month. Some companies will only offer modest expenses, such as transportation costs.
Part-time placements are up to 20 hours per week, while full-time internships are up to 40 hours per week. Most companies prefer students to be hired agreement with a local university for up to six months.

Although Spain’s employment market is improving, some companies cut down on their costs by hiring “cheap” interns. It is not unusual to find firms in fields such as marketing and the media to have more interns than regular employees.

Search Internships & Jobs in Spain