Where I can look for international events in Madrid?

Where I can look for international events in Madrid?


Where I can look for international events in Madrid?

You came to Madrid and you are looking for some fun? You came alone and you need to make some new friends? You are looking for events where you could speak English?  You are a young person who came to be an Au pair or Erasmus studies? Maybe you came because you decided to move here and live in Madrid? Or just passing by Madrid as a traveler?

Below we will tell you where you should look for it! The Internet gives tones of opportunities to do that, too look and to FIND events that you are looking for! The best tool to search for this kind of event will be Facebook of course!

How to look for events, groups on Facebook?

If you are looking for a particular group, for example, Erasmus students just put “Erasmus Madrid 2020/2021” and you will find a group where people post every day about some parties, events, and trips… Also if you cam to Madrid to take care of kids and being an Au Pair you can find groups specially dedicated for you – search for “Au Pair Madrid ” – here is a link to a group like this – the same as other groups you will have information about parties in Madrid, trips outside of Madrid, even outside of Spain – Marrocco for example!

Erasmus Madrid

There are also Facebook pages like Erasmus Madrid which organize Language Exchanges, parties, Pub Crawls, tapas Tours, Free Walking Tour, and trips all over Spain and also Portugal, Marrocco – link here ->

Also, You can search for events on Couchsurfing and you will also see some Pub Crawl, Occasional Parties, etc… Here is the link for Pub Crawl on

Are you better now? You know where to find your events! So go ahead and find the best event for you!

See you soon!

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