Comparison of Popular Rental Agencies, Student Residences, and Secure Booking Platforms. We have searched and listed several of the rental agencies for you, student residences, and secure booking platforms that we recommend just to check out. We have also outlined some popular free platforms like idealista, fotocasa, and pisos, but please be aware of misconduct and potential scams on these sites as anyone can publish there. The same applies to groups on social media that you might have joined already. Before we start with our recommendations, lets quickly go over the difference between these three resource types:

“Recommended Popular Rental Agencies in Madrid Offering Student Rooms, Student Apartments & Studio Apartments

Our recommendation is to rent your room with a rental agent. Rental agents are private companies that manage various apartments in Madrid. They rent individual rooms in shared milk for short terms. However, some will also be rented apartments or complete. Renting with a housing agent is the choice we recommend, especially when you rent your room or flat before you arrive in Madrid. This way everything is official, organized, and most importantly, you will have a reliable connection in case you have any questions in Madrid and you will not be a victim of any scams. This option will also allow you to book certain months for which you actually want to rent your room.

1. Free listings Platforms What to Expect:

* Completely free to use.

* Long term rent 6 months-1 year minimum.

* Mostly Landlords often don’t rent to foreigners.

* Language barriers, Speaking Spanish.

* Rather long-term options.

* Offers mostly for complete apartments.

* Higher risk of scams.

2. Real estate Agencies & Student Residence What to Expect:

* Trustworthy.

* International atmosphere.

* More expensive.

* Contract support.

* Flat manager for support.

* Many roommates

* Minimum Contract 12 months

3. Online Booking Platforms What to Expect:

* Will charge a booking fee.

* Safe platform to avoid scams.

* Potential double fee and admin fee (platform & agency)

* Great selection.

* Not possible to visit the flat before.

* International atmosphere.


Here we list a few trusted and well known housing sites/agencies. If you have any questions on anything you find using these links, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help as much as we can:

Also useful Facebook Groups & Pages here:

Join Housing Facebook Group

●  Idealista

●  Fotocasa


●  Student Booking


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