Transportation & Metro Madrid


Transportation Madrid is the best in Europe. (Metro, public buses and Renfe also trains) and a relatively cheap and abundant taxi service. We would like to inform you of public transportation in Madrid, there are monthly public transportation passes at affordable prices that allow for unlimited traveling in different modes of transportation within their zones. The monthly pass for the city center costs around 55€ between 110€. If you are under 23 years, you will be able to save money. One round metro cost 1,50€ which is cheap in Europe. Get settled your metro card.

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●  Request your card online, or in person at our office when you arrive.

●  The city of Madrid has a great public transit system, and it will save you time and money if you have your card ready.

●  Ticket prices vary by transportation zone, but they begin at 1,50€ for Metro/Bus, not including Cercanias

●  10 trip tickets Metro/bus 12,20€, not including Cercanias



How to get Abono Transportation-Metro Card

These are the documents you need to get your transportation monthly card: Application form (

  • A standard passport-sized photo (which you can get at the photo booths in most metro stations, Sol Metro)
  • EU ID, residence ID, or passport (photocopy)
  • There is a one-time fee 4€

Once you have prepared these three things, you have two options to process your abono.


  • The first option is the easiest if you don’t speak the language–you can make an online request, you’ll be asked to upload all three required files. Once they process your request, your card will be sent to your address in less than 20 days.
  • The second option is a bit faster–make an appointment on the internet or by calling 012 (press 4; calling hours M-F from 8 am to 10 pm). Then, choose a place, day, and time. At the appointment, you will hand in the three documents in person, and they will tell you how many days you should return to pick up your Metro abono card (from 1-3 weeks).

In my opinion, the first option (online) is the best because you won’t have to waste your precious time waiting on line.

If you have any questions during the application process you can email (in Spanish or English) the customer attention service of the Consorcio de Transporte de Madrid:

Madrid Transports Networks Options


1. Madrid Metro

The Madrid metro has perfect network rails get around Madrid. Its 13 metro lines, 300+ stations, and several other unique connections to some of the harder to reach places makes it one of the most accessible metro systems in the world.

Metro Madrid opens from 06:00 – 01:30 with trains arriving every 3-15 minutes. Frequency is dictated by the city’s rush hours.
Metro Zones

Madrid metro will take you to zones A, B1, B2 & B3. Usually, you will only need access to zone A to enjoy Madrid, especially the city center as a tourist. Metro ticket price single ticket 1.50€ – 2.00€. and a 10-way trip ticket 12.20€ Zone A.

Useful Application to Download it

a. Moovit App
b. Metro de Madrid App


2. Madrid Buses – (EMT) Routes, Night Buses & Airport Shuttle:

EMT ( Municipal Transport Company of Madrid) is in charge of Madrid’s ultra-efficient bus system. Over the 200 bus lines with roughly 2,000 buses in operation, the bus system in Madrid is a great way to get around the city as it can take you to many places that the Madrid metro can’t reach. The EMT buses are blue city buses that operate within the central zone of Madrid. Buses work at 06.00 am – 23.30 pm frequency ranging from every 6-20 minutes weekdays. During the holidays 07.00 am – 23.30 am

Night Buses:

Madrid’s night buses, known Owls, run from 23:30 – 6:00 in 27 different routes. All routes start and end at the central Plaza de Cibeles. You can find the night bus schedules at bus stops in the city.

Airport Shuttle:

You can get to the airport via the standard metro and bus routes, there is a great airport shuttle available as well. It runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 35 during the night, stopping at Cibeles and Atocha. The tickets for the shuttle cost 5€.

3. Metro Ligero Madrid :

The Metro Ligero system. It’s an above-ground metro system that connects Madrid through 4 lines and over 50 stations. However, this transport system is different from the Madrid Metro as it connects travelers to the less central areas of the city. You will find them more in the suburban areas of Madrid, connecting Zone A with zone B1, B2, and B3. It works daily: 06.00 am -00.45 am.


4. Cercanías Madrid :

Cercanías Madrid is an above-ground train system. However, the Cercanías system takes travelers through the entire region of Madrid. The Cercanías trains operate in partnership with Spain’s high-speed train network called “Renfe” allowing it to be fast, reliable, and comfortable. It has 9 lines and over 90 stations, Cercanías offers great connections to the small towns and areas within the Madrid region. It works daily: 05.30 am -23.30 am.


5. Suburban Buses of Madrid:

Suburban buses are run by a network of private companies that travel throughout the region of Madrid. There are over 300 lines in operation with roughly 20,000 operations each day. These buses depart from various central stations in Madrid, connecting travelers to hundreds of stops outside of the city. It works daily: 06.00 am -23.30 am.

6. Long-Distance Trains :

Renfe is Spain’s high-speed train network that connects travelers all over Spain. The trains can also take travelers across the border from Spain to Portugal and France.

7. Long-Distance Buses:

Available several private bus companies that can take you all over Spain and beyond. The most popular being Avanza Group and Alsa.

Useful Application to Download it for Transportation:

  • a. Moovit App
  • b. Metro de Madrid App
  • c. EMT App
  • d. Metro Ligero Oeste App
  • e. Cercanías Renfe App
  • f. Madrid Transport TTP App
  • g. Transporte Madrid App