We help you find the best school for you we have chosen some language schools that stand for high quality and fair prices based on the feedback we received from former students. We also took the official accreditation by Cervantes, the quality of the facilities, flexibility and course selection offered as well as factors like after school activities into account.




Have you decided to spend a semester or full academic year at one of Madrid’s universities as part of the Erasmus programme?

Good choice. And now you need to pack your suitcases for this great Erasmus life experience. You will want to sort a few things out as soon as you arrive: firstly, the language; secondly, your accommodation; and thirdly, your new friends. The majority of the members of the Inhispania team have been Erasmus students, and for this reason we have a few solutions for you:


We have prepared a series of special offers for Erasmus students in Madrid. These offers include an intensive course (of 1 to 4 weeks) followed by an evening course (classes twice per week).

During the first weeks of your Erasmus student stay in Madrid, before your university classes begin, it’s the best time to take advantage of your time and immerse yourself in the learning of the Spanish language with one of our intensive courses.

After this course, you will have improved your Spanish considerably and you will be ready to start your Erasmus student university life in Madrid. This is the time to take one of our evening courses (twice per week) entirely compatible with your university courses. These courses have a maximum of 9 students per group, and for this reason are the ideal complement for your Erasmus programme and will help you to solve all those grammar issues that you can’t ask about in your university classes.


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Academia Contacto is a language school specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students. We offer courses in our school, the capital of Spain, Madrid, as well as in our partner schools in Barcelona and other fantastic cities such as Alicante, Valencia, Granada and Seville. All schools are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

In Madrid we have 7 comfortable and modern classrooms with air conditioning and heating, wireless Internet access, library and multimedia area with tablets, tables, sofa…

You can choose from our wide range of courses for each level, from absolute beginner to proficiency. Classes start every week, in small groups, and are truly dynamic and interactive so that you can learn and improve your knowledge of Spanish in a fun but professional way, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Our teachers are native speakers with a university degree, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and fully experienced. Their motivation and their passion is getting you to learn Spanish thanks to their competence. They are ready to answer any doubt or question you may have and to lead you into the world of Spanish culture.

Therefore we offer you a programme of activities and excursions which take place in the afternoons or at the weekend. By taking part you can discover the cities and enjoy the society and culture of the country just like a real Spaniard.

We love our culture and language and work hard to transmit that to you.

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