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Find out all information that you need during your stay in Madrid before arriving settled in. Find out everything about moving to Madrid and how to make the process as easily settled in and stress-free. This help is free we can help you no worries! who have been living students in the city for many years we can share our experience You will cover important information to complete be done before you get on the plane as well as everything you need to find out upon arrival. Erasmus Madrid here to help you!

You will find out all question, we help you:


Housing in Madrid, everything you should know before to arrive.

✔ Transportation Metro Madrid card.

✔ Housing in Madrid 

✔ How to open a Spanish bank account?

✔ Find your housing and room in Madrid avoiding scams on how to protect information.

✔ Social life and Events in Madrid, what is going on in Madrid.

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✔ Free SIM Card

✔ Healthcare system and Health insurance in Spain.

✔ Be integrated Spanish life, join our events to meet international friends worldwide.

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