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Erasmus Madrid Exchange Students Community provides a great way to improve your language skills by getting practice before, during and even after your stay in Madrid. In order to provide you with all these options, we are collaborating with well-selected language schools. Whether you want to refresh your Spanish, get the basics before you arrive, take an intensive course or take evening classes along your stay in Madrid, we offer them all! We are cooperating with good language schools in Madrid with cheaper prices than other courses!! By participating in the Spanish courses offered by one of the schools in partnership with us; you will receive significant discounts.

Learn Spanish 

 Here’s a blog post focusing on learning Spanish effectively, including information about useful platforms:

 ¡Hola! Learn Spanish: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Language

Learning Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken languages, opens doors to new cultures, enhances travel experiences, and improves career prospects. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for fluency, here’s how to embark on your Spanish language journey effectively:

1. Establish Your Learning Goals:

   – Define your objectives – whether it’s conversational skills, proficiency for travel, or business purposes. Setting clear goals helps structure your learning path.

2. Immersive Language Platforms:

   – Duolingo: A popular and gamified platform offering bite-sized lessons, vocabulary practice, and interactive exercises for all levels of learners.

   – Babbel:  Known for its structured lessons and practical dialogue practice, Babbel tailors courses to learners’ needs and levels.

   – Rosetta Stone: Utilizes immersive techniques focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to mimic the way people learn their native language.

3. Online Language Communities:

   – HelloTalk: Connects learners with native speakers for language exchange, enabling conversations and corrections in real-time.

   – Tandem: A language exchange app allowing users to find language partners globally and practice through voice messages, calls, and text.

4. Supplemental Resources:

   – SpanishDict: An online dictionary and language guide offering translations, grammar explanations, and vocabulary practice.

   – Coffee Break Spanish Podcast: Engaging audio lessons covering various topics, suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.

5. Practice and Immersion:

   – Watch Spanish TV Shows and Movies:  Netflix offers numerous Spanish-language shows and films with subtitles, aiding comprehension and vocabulary.

   – Read Spanish Literature: Start with children’s books, news articles, or simple novels to improve reading and expand vocabulary.

6. Language Learning Apps:

   Anki: A flashcard app utilizing spaced repetition for vocabulary retention and reinforcement.

   – Memrise: Uses mnemonic techniques and interactive exercises for vocabulary building and retention.

7. Engage with Spanish Culture:

   – Embrace cultural elements like music, food, and traditions, which can provide context and motivation while learning the language.

Remember, consistency and practice are key to mastering any language. Embrace your mistakes as part of the learning process, and enjoy the journey of discovering the richness of the Spanish language and culture!

Language Exchange Tandem

Meeting people from all over the world, making new friends and having fun while improving your language skills, what would be a better way of spending Language exchange meeting? Join us ! Let´s Tandem! international meet up & language exchange on the atmospher meet with other young, international people over a beer or wine and nice tapas!  To participate in a free Language Exchange activities, we recommend that you attend our Language Exchange events and Subscribe!, which is one of the biggest international language exchanges in Madrid and a great way to meet new people while improving your language skills.

Tandem and enjoy

A selection of free tapas!

Cheap drink prices for us all

Special surprise activities

international atmosphere with fun people

Private Class

We are help to offer you a free private trial class with a certified Spanish teachers! They are offering this service explicitly to our Erasmus Madrid Exchange students community!

Please let us know what you are looking for and we will give you the best options!


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