Free SIM card and Mobile internet


Monthly pre-pay or Contract mobile phone cost 15€-50€, depending on use too much.

When an international student comes to Madrid, becomes ERASMUS, and as ERASMUS, needs a phone to keep in touch with friends both at home and in Madrid.

But, how can you do this if you don´t have a Spanish number? It´s quite easy if you know perfectly how. Lets see…


Sometimes it is hard to go to a phone shop and ask for prices, so here they are. Have a look and compare!


First you have to choose between “CONTRACT” or “PAYPHONE”. This is not quite easy both in economic and practical ways so let´s have a look on each one.


Contract Mobile Phone:

Supposes signing a contract with the company for at least 12 months. Can be cheaper than a payphone but we only recommend this way if you are staying for a full year here in Madrid. You should choose a “VOICE+DATA” fare; we suppose you actually own a smartphone.

To sign a contract with the operator you need to get the shop. Once there you must carry your PASSPORT and a CURRENT ACCOUNT Nº. BASED IN SPAIN. So if you want to get this way you should open an account at an Spanish bank.



Easier way of getting an Spanish number. Just get the shop and ask about fare. We recommend you a “VOICE+DATA” fare because we suppose you own a smartphone.

When the fare has been choosen you just need your ID CARD and some cash to pay for it. It is the best way and we recommend you to purchase this kind of line.

There are a lot of things going through your head when you move to a new country, one of those things is finding the best cellphone (mobile) deal out there.  Madrid is home to many cellphone providers, most of them you have never heard of, unless you have visited other places in Europe or South America. These providers are the first ones you will see and hear about, but they are not necessarily the best option for you.

Below you will find a list of the best and not so great cellphone companies in Madrid.

  1. Orange (Ok)


This company has really good deals for students, they also give away some pretty good phones when you sign up. You can get a prepaid plan and put in as much money as you want every week/month. Every week the company will deduct (if your phone has credit) three something euros and with that you get: 1gb data on your phone, free texting and some free minutes. No hidden fees and no need to sign a contract.


  1. Vodafone (not so good)


This company is huge and very well known, but not great with customers and their phone plans. They charge ridiculous rates, sometime you get an obscene bill for calls you never made and they do not have good deals (phone wise).


  1. Lebara (Good)


This is probably the best way to go. Lebara is very popular amongst foreign and national students. Not only do you get great phones when you sign up with them, but they have a plethora of amazing prepaid plans. The deals are very cheap and you get a great service…fast internet on your phone, free text and minutes every month. Lebara offer Free SIM card.


  1. Movistar (Ok)

Like a same as Vodafone. These guys might just take the cake when it comes to lousy cell phone service. Laughable rates, that you never actually know where they come from, because they never send you a bill. If you get a pay as you go plan both the internet service and minutes are exceeded as soon as you get them.


Internet costs around 37€-53€ well-know companies Jazztell, Movistar, Orange etc. only one time paying instalitaion for internet 37-60€. Internet is already installed and costs are included in the monthly rent.