3 best one day trips from Madrid

Have you seen all Madrid? Do you want to get rest of ’big city life’ for one day? Or simply you have one extra day and you want to discover something different?

Here we are to present you 3 best one day destinations that You can reach fast and easily!

  1. Toledo

  1. If you want to travel through history Toledo is the city that You have to visit! Is one of the most important centers of European medieval history.

    Toledo was capital of Spain from the Gothic epoch until 1560 and that’s why it has impressive medieval architecture. Town is a full of charm, walking through its streets make you feel like having stepped back into Middle-Ages.

    It has not only astounding Cathedral which is the centerpiece of Toledo, it has beautiful humongous bridges above the river. Don’t miss Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes it’s a unique place with great atmosphere and inside garden…

    Explore city by yourself or if you don’t want to get lost find a one day trip which include guide and bus to enjoy it more and get some historical facts about this ancient place!

  2. 2. Segovia

Have You ever seen 28meteres high aqueduct? No?

Go to Segovia and enjoy the view of this enormous more than 2000 years Roma Aqueduct. The best way to explore this city is walking, forget about bus or taxi, use your legs and move easily by lovely streets thru the Alcazar Castle. In the middle of your way you will cross by the splendiferous Cathedral in Gothic style. It was not easy to construct it, to build it they need more than 200 years! They finish it in 1768 and started in 1525! After seeing it go to Alcazar Castle which is one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain by virtue of its shape. Go up and see the best panoramic view of the whole city from the castle tower!


  1. El Escorial

The Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, commonly known as El Escorial, is a historical residence of the King of Spain, in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, about 45 kilometres northwest of the capital.  The building is the most important architectural monument of the Spanish Renaissance. Construction of El Escorial began in 1563 and ended in 1584.

El Escorial Palace is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s one of Spain’s most visited landmarks so don’t think more and just go there!


Remember that is always fun to meet new people and hear some valuable facts about Heritages that you are seeing so look for some one day trip before You will go there!


Greetings travelers!

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