Famous Madrid Areas – Malasaña

Malasaña is a trendy area of Madrid. That’s a perfect place for going out and enjoying the nightlife there! It’s famous for stylish restaurants and cozy bars and fancy shops. The district is also full of life during the day, it’s a place for many Street Art festival as ¡Pinta Malasaña! Below You can find tips where to go and what to see in this special neighborhood.

  1. Enjoy Street Art

Every street, every corner has a specific climate, you can admire there the best street art in Madrid! Artists are mostly local and they are allowed to create their art during special Street Art Festival as ¡Pinta Malasaña! every year.


  1. Plaza Dos de Mayo

The most popular square at Malasana! If You want to meet up that’s always a meeting point. Doesn’t matter is it midnight or midday is always full of people, mostly youngsters. That’s the place to talk, play music, enjoy various events, even drink some booze.


  1. Trendy Places

Tupperware is one of the most known bars there. It’s not that big but it has something special. Design of this place amazes even before you’ll enter. To really feel this place you just need to go there, it is not possible to explain the atmosphere of this place.


4. La Via Lactea


Do You prefer rock rhythms? You definitely need to come to this place! That’s a must-see on Malasańa list! Good music, rock design, great booze and friendly staff.


  1. Shops

Explore all the treasures you can find in Second Hands at Malasana and fancy shops with jewelry created by Spanish artists. Walk around Plaza Dos de Mayo and You will find many gadget shops, perfect places to buy unique gifts and fancy clothes! Don’t forget to take wallet for this journey because You will fall in love in every single shop that You will enter there!


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