Gran Via – what to see there?

Gran Via – What to see there?

Gran Via is the most famous street in Madrid! It’s only 1,36km long but has beautiful architecture and a large number of hotels and many theatres! This lively street it’s the most important shopping area. Right there you will find enormous Primark and Real Madrid Official Store and much more… If you are looking for dress, gift, souvenirs, watch for your boyfriend that’s the perfect street to look for it!


The history of this street is unbelievable, today the street is known as the Spanish Broadway, and it’s really shiny during the night, it is known as the street that never sleeps. It’s not really long but has a magic, it leads from Calle de Alcalá to Plaza de España. The interesting thing is the fact that Gran Via exists from 1929 so it’s quite ‘new’ if we could say so.

Here is the story of this famous Calle… In the mid 19th century, Madrid’s urban planners decided that a new thoroughfare had to be created, connecting the Calle de Alcalá with the Plaza de España. The project required many buildings in the center of the city to be demolished, earning it the name of ‘an axe blow on the map’. Decades after the first plans were made, construction still hadn’t started and the media ridiculed the project, cynically calling it the ‘Gran Vía’ or ‘Great Way’ or ‘Big Way’. Finally, in 1904 it was approved and construction started a couple of years later. The last part of the street was completed in 1929. On the map You can see how many important buildings are located on this street! Theatres, Telefonica, Metropolis and much more. Take a walk from Plaza Espana till Plaza de Cibeles and enjoy this unique street! Green Stars on the map are spots that You have to see.

Have fun and let yourself get lost in this amazing city!