How to meet people in Madrid? Here are 5 ways to do it!



Are You new in Madrid? Want to meet someone for a beer or practice your Spanish? You have no idea how to start making new friends? Below I will give You some hints how to meet really nice international people!

1) Social media groups for all!
Are You active on facebook? Do you know how many groups you can find there?
Just put your keyword and add “Madrid” and start searching people like You! There are plenty of groups for Au Pairs in Madrid, Erasmus students 2017/2018, Mexicanos en Madrid, Polacos en Madrid, etc…

2) Language exchanges
Do You want to practice your Spanish or English? Maybe you want to talk in your native language? YOU CAN! Madrid is full of Language Exchanges or Intercambio de Idiomas! These events are very popular and you can meet there some Erasmus students, travelers, au pairs and Spanish natives… Usually, it’s during the weekdays – Monday or Tuesday, it’s a perfect way to start the week and to find friends to party on Friday night!!!

3) Meeting Applications in Your mobile
Have you ever heard about MeetUp, Party with a local, Couchsurfing apps? You can meet there your new international friends! You can also see events and post of people who search company for parties or to enjoy Madrid, to travel, to explore the city… Connect with them or share your own post and have fun together in the City That Never Sleeps!

4) Pub Crawls and Tapas Tours
Do you like to party? Want to try Spanish tapas? Let’s party with a group of people and a local guide who will show us the best spots of Madrid! It is not easy to find hidden spots by yourself, the best way is discovering it with locals! So take this advantage and join some Pub Crawl! If You prefer eating that partying, then join some Tapas Tour and taste real Spanish cuisine in small bites! You will definitely love it!

5) International & Erasmus Events
Do You want more? You can also find Erasmus organizations and Exchange Students Communities where you can also find more events, special parties, trips and more.

Enjoy this amazing city and I hope to meet you soon!!

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