Spanish basics and siesta

Hola, que tal? Como estas? Bien, y tu?

‘Fiesta’! I need small ‘siesta’! ‘Mañana’… Let’s go to ‘chino’!

So You don’t speak Spanish or Spanglish and you have no idea what your friends are talking about? Ok, here we are to help You 😉!

Let’s learn few basic words in Spanish:

Hola – Hello

Que tal? / Como estas? – How are you?

Bien – Good

Bien, y tu? – Good, and you?

Vamos – Let’s go!

Fiesta it could be just a party or a holiday! Every weekend there’s coming time for FIESTA! Also, Spain is a well-known country of many holidays. Almost every month has the holiday which is free of work! So you can enjoy it by going out for a concert and other cultural events in your neighborhood for free because it’s organized by Comunidad de Madrid.

Siesta, everybody loves it, in Madrid it’s not that noticeable as in other parts of Spain. That’s a special break during the day so many shops and restaurants are closed. Why? Because it’s time to rest and sleep for a while!

Mañana basically means tomorrow, but also You can use it when you want to say to do something ‘later on’.

Chino –  normally that words mean Chinese person, but people in Madrid call small shops where You can find food, beer, alcohol and sweets – ‘chino’ – because almost always the workers and owners are Chinese people!

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