What are Tapas?


Have You ever wondered what is Tapa? Spanish Tapa is a snack or an appetizer.

The meaning of ‘tapa’ is cover or lid, and it came from placing small piece of bread on top of a drink to protect it from flies. By time it became a habit to top this ‘cover’with a snack.

Tapas mostly look like a small sandwiches. Could be cold or hot. You can find various recipes for them, for example with jamon or tortilla the patata or even plate of olives… Everything depends of bar and your preferences.

There is a story that tapas began when king Alfonso X recovered from an illness by drinking wine with small snacks between meals. After this he gets better and the king ordered that  bars wouldn’t be allowed to serve as acustomers unless it was accompanied by an appetizer or ‘tapa’.

Tortilla de patata is one of most known tapas. It could be served on the top of a bread or just a piece of it. The natural shape of is a round because is prepared on the pan.

The ingredients are very simple it’s just egg and potato! You can taste it with spanish olives or paprika on top of it.

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